OpenOffice Math (.ODF) Repair Tool

Easily Fix OpenOffice Math applications/files Errors!
  • "Unrecognized ODF format."
  • "ODF file is corrupt therefore cannot be opened."
  • "Windows cannot open this file."
  • Error message: "CRC failed".

You can easily fix all the above discussed error scenario with the help of OpenOffice Math file Repair Tool. This application will allow you to solve all the issue appears on Math (.ODF) file without need of any professional knowledge.

broken .ODF file repair

About OpenOffice Math (.ODF) File Format

OpenOffice Math application is open source software that is available for the users at without any cost, it is one of the popular app used by all classes of peoples such as teachers, students, researchers and more. Math is one of the important parts of the OpenOffice Math software through which users can create calculations and formulae, and export them into Impress, Draw and other OpenOffice elements. It is generally used as equation editor for text documents, works pretty similar to MS Equation Editor, supports numerous fonts and you can also export it to PDF file.

But, this high-tech application gets damaged due to lots of internal and external causes such as infection of computer Virus, Bad Sectors in Hard Drive, unexpected Format modification and more.

However one can easily deal with all types of issues and corruption of OpenOffice Math with the use of professional third party Math Recovery software. This repair tool is programmed with lots of features that make you able to make your Math or ODF file error free. Some important features of ODF file recovery tool is given below:

OpenOffice Math .ODF REPAIR TOOL

Math Recovery application is designed with a group of professionals that allows easy repair option of any corrupt ODF file. Via this tool one can easily fix ODF files that are used with OpenOffice Math. A professional recovery app is necessary in order to avoid a loss of data after the OpenOffice Math program become damages or start showing error messages. There are lots of reasons that can turn a healthy Math file into a damaged or error showing file. Any OpenOffice program can become damage because of accidental deletion of files, infection of computer virus, bug in the version being used and more.

  • Significant and dynamic recovery process of Math or ODF files
  • Very simple user interface that enables recovery process easy.
  • Maintains the properties of ODF file such as structure, formatting, and graphics even after whole ODF recovery
  • Save precious time with batch repair of corrupt ODF files

Three Lifesaving Task executed by Math ODF Recovery tool

1. Scan and Repair a corrupt ODF files

2. Automatic create a new ODF file and save retrieved data to it

3. Repair more than one ODF files at the same time

ODF Recovery for Math app is able to restore and repairs data for formulas, numbers, charts and more. After recovering the data completely, this tool will automatically create a new ODF file and save the recovered data to it. With the help of this high-tech repair tool you can even extract data from the older than the version being currently used, Math recovery tool can create a new file of the current version and implant the old data to it.

It is one of the perfect and advanced software to deal with Math ODF recovery task because it equipped with an easy ODF repairing process. Through this tool one can deal with Math file corruption and various types of errors displayed by Math ODF files after corruption that occurs because of the below given reasons.

  • Unexpected computer shutdown while ODF file is open
  • Infection of computer Virus
  • Corruption of Media
  • Occurrence of bad sector in hard drive
  • Unexpected modification in the file format

All the above given causes can make the Open Office Math file inaccessible or sometime it may also display characters which are impossible to read. At this time, you need of a professional math ODF recovery tool, which repairs corrupt and unreachable ODF files. This tool is the only way through which one can recovers important data from a damaged ODF file.

OpenOffice Math Recovery Features

Allow Batch Repairing :This professional Math Recovery software allows you to repair more than one corrupt ODF file at the same time. Yes you can repair ODF files by the help of this tool, it efficiently repair and restore multiple ODF files at once. It is integrated with a powerful algorithm, so batch recovery or multiple works doesn’t affect the performance of the software.

Restore a single bit of information :This specialized recovery option ensures you that it restore of all significant components used in the OpenOffice documents. By simply obeying few steps, you could easily recover numbers, formulas, calculations, charts, etc. from the OpenOffice ODF files.

Recover Data from all Version :Math Recovery software is friendly with the entire available version of the ODF files, so you can retrieve data from any version created by OpenOffice.

Easy to understand user interface :Even a normal user can run this application and get back their data from a corrupt ODF file, it’s user interface allows user to Perform recovery without need of a professional skills.

Take Very Small Space More Work :This is a very small application but facilities provided by this tool cannot be determined by any. This dynamic and rational software can be installed by taking very small disk storage space. So you don’t need to free up your hard drive in the manner to install it.

Complete System Requirements

  • Processor: Pentium II 400 MHz or Above
  • Minimum 64 MB RAM (128 MB recommended)
  • 10 MB for Software installation
  • Disk Space - Enough space to store the recovered files
  • Operating systems - Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows 98, Windows NT, Windows 95 and Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2003 R2, Windows Server 2003

Steps to Retrieve Corrupt OpenOffice Math File

Complete instructions on how to use and work with OpenOffice Math Repair tool is explained below. So, just go through it once before doing it practically.